Review of Sleep Easy pillow spray by perfume blogger Stephan Matthews

"First Class! Nailed it!" Wow - I'm absolutely thrilled by the amazing review of College Green Sleep Easy pillow spray by award winning perfume blogger, Stephan Matthews.

The article, on the front page of Stephan's monthly newsletter, claims "it’s a brave move for a small company to create an exclusive fragrance, but College Green have absolutely nailed it."

It celebrates the fact that room and pillow sprays offer a budget friendly way for people to access fragrance, and describes the Sleep Easy scent experience from the "instant hit of a wonderful brightness to the scent," the "wonderfully apple-like" roman chamomile that "combines perfectly with the woodier patchouli" then "right in the heart, you have a deliciously smooth lavender."

Stephan concludes that "while originally designed for pillows or as a room spray, it really comes into its own when spritzed onto a scarf."

As you can imagine, having created Sleep Easy as my very first exclusive fragrance I'm utterly delighted that it's first review is so fabulous review - thank you Stephan! You can read the full review on Stephan's blog.

If you'd like to try the beautifully relaxing Sleep Easy spray it's available as a 100ml spray, in gift boxes with bath soaks and candles and for pre-order as an all-natural room diffuser (available from 10 February) or from my next Stroud Farmers' Market stall which will be on Saturday 24 February.

Stephan Matthews blog of College Green Sleep Easy room spray and pillow mist