Reed Diffusers

Reed Diffusers

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Scent an entire room for weeks on end, without the need to light a candle, or remember to blow it out. College Green reed diffusers are a low maintenance and cost effective way to enjoy your favourite scent all day - from waking up, to returning home at the end of the day.

Made with the same scents as the most popular College Green candle fragrances each reed diffuser will perfume large spaces over extended periods as the reeds absorb and diffuse the scent into the the room.

College Green reed diffusers make a lovely addition to every home and make fantastic presents (because everyone will love them as much as you).

Made with a vegan base and carefully blended fragrance & essential oils then hand poured in small batches in my Cotswolds studio. 

Each box includes a clear glass diffuser jar with 100ml fragrance, and recycled fibre reeds.

The choice of College Green reed diffuser scents change with the seasons (but if you have a favourite that's out of stock I can make them quickly to order, so do send a message for special requests.)

  • Tobacco Blossom & Vanilla - a warm, comforting aroma combining top notes of tobacco leaf, middle notes of tonka bean, tobacco blossom, vanilla and cacao and base notes of dried fruits and woody notes. 
  • Nordic Fir - just like a crisp, refreshing walk in a snowy forest, this gorgeous winter scent combines green top notes of pine, cypress & eucalyptus, sweet heart notes of fir balsam and warm and resinous cedarwood base notes.
  • Sleep Easy reed diffuser with pure essential oils - a custom blend developed exclusively for College Green of pure essential oils,  each celebrated for its ability to calm troubled minds, balance emotions, prepare for meditation and aid a deep, restful night’s sleep. Combining top notes of sweet, honeyed neroli, middle notes of fragrant lavender and herbal chamomile and a base note of warm, earthy patchouli. The gently soporific scent of College Green Sleep Easy Reed Diffuser is perfect for a bedroom to help prepare for a relaxing night's sleep. Combine with a Sleep Easy pillow & rooms spray.

    How to use your College Green reed diffuser:

    • Unscrew the top from the bottle and either remove the bung or push through the centre wadding then replace, screwing in tightly. 
    • Add reeds 
    • The fragrance will travel up the reed and scent the room for several weeks. 
    • There's no need to flip the reeds.