How To Care For Your Natural Soap

College Green soaps are made only with natural ingredients. I don’t use chemicals hardeners or preservatives, and being full of skin softening glycerine means that my soaps are softer than commercial bars, and need a little extra care to extend their life.

 The most important thing to remember about your beautiful bar of natural handmade soap is that it needs to breath.

 Allow your soap to dry naturally between uses by storing it on a free draining soap dish. This will allow air to circulate around it, to help it last longer.

 Try to keep your soap out of the direct spray of a shower, or submerged in water for too long. A soggy bottom isn’t attractive!

You can buy a beautiful, natural wooden soap dish here that will not only look great in your bathroom, but will help extend the life of your soap.

A bar of College Green amber coloured beer soap on a wooden soap dish