About College Green

Hello, welcome to College Green natural soaps.

I’m Rachael, and College Green is my family-run business based in the beautiful Cotswold hills near Stroud.

 My soap-making journey started in 2012 with a ‘melt and pour’ soap making kit bought as a rainy day children’s activity. That happy day spent creating an array of multi-coloured soaps led me to research about different kinds of soap making, which ended with the traditional soap making technique known as cold process.

 This sat well with my desire to reduce the number of harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients in my home, so over the years I've made everything from bath bombs and body butter to washing powder and kitchen cleaner. These were initially for my own use, then as gifts for family and friends, and in January 2017 I launched College Green Soaps.

 For College Green I created a range of natural soaps that are full of skin-loving oils and butters and infused with pure essential oils with absolutely no synthetics, artificial colours, or harsh detergents. All the soaps are palm oil free too.

 Each soap is cured for a minimum of four weeks to ensure a beautifully mild but long lasting bar of pure soap, with a creamy lather.

 You can buy College Green soaps through this website, at Stroud Farmers' Market on the fourth Saturday of every month, and in an ever-increasing number of shops.

 Please have a look around the site and if you have a question or comment to make then I’d love to hear from you.

College Green Natural Soaps