Sleep Easy relaxing pillow spray & room mist

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Relax and prepare for a restful sleep with College Green Sleep Easy pillow & room spray.

Each amber glass bottle contains a unique blend of relaxing pure essential oils, celebrated for their abilities to calm troubled minds, balance emotions, prepare for meditation and aid a deep, restful night's sleep.

With neroli, lavender, chamomile and patchouli essential oils in a skin-safe base of perfumers alcohol.

Use it in the morning to give you an uplifting start to your day, whenever you need a positive boost, as a room freshener and in an office or study space to help focus. 

Spritz on a scarf, an item of clothing, on a yoga mat before your practice or around any room to transform it into a relaxed, calming space.

Read a review of Sleep Easy pillow spray by perfume blogger Stephan Matthews (he calls it "first class!")

Sleep Easy room spray is a unique blend, custom made for College Green, so you won't find it anywhere else. The same blend is available as a Reed Diffuser, ideal for keeping in the bedroom. 

If you struggle to sleep, try these eight tips to help you fall asleep and get a great night's sleep.

For an uplifting start to your day, to sharpen your senses, boost your mood and memory, try College Green Focus room spray and reed diffuser.

Each amber glass bottle contains a unique blend of energising pure essential oils, each celebrated for its ability to enhance concentration, memory, mood and mental clarity.


Not suitable for use during pregnancy.  Not suitable for use during pregnancy. Vegan. 

Please note, College Green Sleep Easy Spray can only be shipped within the UK.