Focus Room Spray to boost mood, concentration & freshen any room

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Sharpen your senses, boost your mood and freshen your space for better concentration, memory and study with College Green Focus room spray.

What's in Focus room spray?

Each amber glass bottle contains a blend of six uplifting pure essential oils, celebrated for their abilities to lift mood, enhance concentration, memory and mental clarity in a base of skin-safe perfumers alcohol:

  • Lemon: known as `liquid sunshine,’ the uplifting scent of lemon essential oil is believed to aid focus and reduce feelings of depression
  • Pink grapefruit: the sharp, sweet scent of pink grapefruit essential oil helps to boost concentration, focus, self confidence and energy.
  • Rosemary: renowned for its energising aroma since Ancient Greek students wore wreaths of rosemary to aid memory, rosemary essential oil has been recognised as a popular remedy to aid mental alertness, improve memory and channel focus.
  • Eucalyptus: refreshing eucalyptus essential oil is widely thought to have cleansing properties, and is often used as an air cleanser and to reduce stress, promote mental clarity and improve mood. 
  • Peppermint: the crisp menthol scent of peppermint has been celebrated for hundreds of years as an aid for memory and focus, to lower anxiety levels and to combat tension headaches.
  • Frankincense: used in sacred rituals for thousands of years, frankincense is widely believed to relieve stress, help find focus and to free the mind of the ego before meditation.

Where & when to use Focus room spray

  •  In the bedroom as soon as you wake up to give you a positive start to the day (for an evening spray to help you relax, try College Green Sleep Easy pillow mist).
  •  To combat a mid-afternoon slump
  •  In any room to freshen the air
  •  In an office, a student’s study space or anywhere you need to concentrate
  •  Inside a car to freshen the air before a journey
  •  On a yoga mat or around a room before practicing yoga
  •  Before meditating to clear the space and free the mind
  •  On a scarf or coat before you leave the house
  •  Before sitting down to a hobby that requires concentration, eg a jigsaw puzzle, knitting or word puzzles
  •  Before reading
  •  If you’re feeling down or having negative thoughts and need a good-mood boost
  • In a bathroom before a hot bath, sauna or steam room.

How to use Focus room spray

Hold the bottle with the nozzle opening pointing away from you. Point upwards and direct the spray around the room. Make sure you keep it away from other people and animals. If you’re spraying on an item of clothing or other material test in an inconspicuous place first. 

Focus room spray is a unique blend, custom made for College Green, so you won't find it anywhere else. The same blend will be available as a reed diffuser, ideal for keeping in any room you'll use during the day, office or student's work space.

For a relaxing pillow mist to help calm and prepare for a gentle night's sleep, try College Green Sleep Easy pillow mist with relaxing lavender, neroli & patchouli essential oils.


Contains natural Eucalyptol & Limonene. Not suitable for use during pregnancy. Vegan. 

Please note, College Green  Focus Spray can only be shipped within the UK.