How to be happy

What makes you happy? Really happy?

The subject of happiness is fascinating. Studies show that happiness is linked to better health and longer life - so why does it seem to elude so many of us?

Personally I subscribe to the school of thought that claims that it's possible to choose to be happy. And that happiness is a skill that anyone can can improve - it just takes determination and practice.

For me, happiness isn't defined by wealth, possessions or status. It's about finding happiness in small, everyday activities and doing more of them. 

Mo Gawdat, former CEO of Google [X], believes that happiness can be learned and founded the #OneBillionHappy movement in order to help a billion people to be so that.

In an interview on the Feel Better Live More podcast Mo explains that the average person is born with a credit of several billion heartbeats and it's up to us to choose what to exchange our heartbeats for: positive or negative experiences; happiness or unhappiness.

Thinking that way, I definitely don't want to waste my heartbeats on negativity, stress or sadness.

So right now I'm going to exchange a few hundred heartbeats for relaxing in a hot bath (with College Green Sleep Easy bath soak), a face pack and a chapter of an audio book before bed.

I hope you're able to find happiness today - I promise it's really not hard if you try.