The benefits of bathing in a salt bath

Showers may be quick and convenient - you can hop in and out when you're in a rush -  but there's no better way to relax and unwind than with a long, steamy bath, and there's plenty of evidence to show that taking a bath really is good for you.

Salt baths are particularly beneficial and can even lift your mood and help you sleep, thanks to their hight mineral and magnesium content.

Magnesium has a long list of uses in the body, including the regulation of muscle contractions and blood pressure, energy production, blood sugar balance, weight management and mood disorders, and is absorbed directly from your salt bath through your skin.

College Green bath soaks are a combination of three types of magnesium and mineral-rich salt, each with its own unique properties, together with skin soothing colloidal oatmeal and pure essential oils.:

  • Epsom salt - relaxes muscles, aids sleep and sooths dry skin
  • Himalayan pink salt - both coarse and fine ultra pure salt containing 84 minerals
  • Dead Sea salt -  sooths sore, itchy skin and eczema 

There are five College Green bath soaks to choose from, according to your mood - or need: 

  1. Sleep Easy: much loved, it's the most popular by far. College Green Sleep Easy bath soak contains naturally sleep-inducing lavender and valerian essential oils to sooth your mind, relax your body and set you up for a night of restful sleep.
  2. Rosy Posy: for anyone who is suffering from dry, tired skin, in need of love (or feeling the love). C ollege Green Rosy Posy bath will sooth, rejuvenate and balance your mind, body and spirit.
  3. Calmingpopular for people with dry, sensitive skin. College Green Calming Oatmeal bath sooths and protects, providing gentle relief from itchiness, eczema and other painful skin conditions. 
  4. Happy: if you’ve had an exhausting day and need a boost of energy, or need a confident start to your day, College Green Happy Bath Soak will help clear your mind of negative thoughts and help combat tiredness and stress. 
  5. Warming: most popular as a foot soak, College Green Warming bath soak loosens tired aching limbs, making it a circulation boosting, reviving foot soak for aching feet.

 And they make the perfect gift for someone who deserves a dose of self care.

College Green bath soaks are packaged in beautiful amber glass jars that make a gorgeous addition to any bathroom and which helps preserve the essential oils from UV light. Regular customers buy a 250ml or 500ml jar then refill with an eco friendly (and postage-cost friendly) wax paper refill.


An open jar of College Green bath soak, taken from above. Sprig of lavender next to it.