100 ways to slightly improve your life without really trying and how College Green can help

I love this list of simple ways to live a better life from The Guardian​, especially no 20: `Can’t sleep? Try a relaxing soak with lavender bath oil before bed.'

I can help with that! College Green Sleep Easy bath soak is a combination of skin soothing salts and lavender and valerian essential oils designed to wash away your insomnia and help you have the best night's sleep.

Lavender essential oil is well known to be balancing, calming and restful, but did you know that valerian essential oil is known as nature's sedative? It's grounding, calming and has been used for centuries as a natural aid for insomnia.

Sleep Easy bath soak is available in 250g and 500g amber glass jars, and wax paper pouches, and we've combined it with a Lavender & Patchouli soap, wooden soap dish & Lavender mini candle in a gift box as the perfect present for a friend who needs a good night's sleep

Available on the website or at my monthly Stroud Farmers' Market stall on 22 January.