Scented Candle & Reed Diffuser Gift Set

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Gift the gift of a gorgeously scented home with a College Green scented candle and reed diffuser gift set.

Contains one 180g scented soy wax candle in an amber glass jar and a 100ml reed diffuser in a heavy glass bottle with a selection of recycled fibre reeds. 

Reed diffuser

College Green reed diffusers are a low maintenance and cost effective way to enjoy your favourite scent all day - from waking up, to returning home at the end of the day. Each reed diffuser will perfume large spaces over extended periods as the reeds absorb and diffuse the scent into the the room.

Made with a vegan base and carefully blended fragrance & essential oils then hand poured in small batches in a Cotswolds studio.


There's nothing that says `cosy home' better than the gently flickering flame of a candle in an amber glass jar. Made from pure soy wax, which gives a clean, soot-free burn and carefully blended fragrance oils, then hand poured in small batches. Each comes with an aluminium screw top lid which is useful for keeping the wax dust-free, or for when travelling.