Soap wrapping

I love the look of my soaps in high quality paper Cambridge Imprint paper. 

But I also hate waste, and know that many of my customers do too. So I've made all my soaps available in an unwrapped version - and have discounted the price to reflect that too. 

If you choose a wrapped soap

Wrapped soaps make beautiful, ready wrapped presents, they add a real wow! factor to a shop display, plus the wrapping protects the soaps and helps the scent last longer.

If you choose a College Green wrapped soap, then make use of the wrapping! The papers make bright & cheerful shopping lists and little notes, can be re-used to wrap small presents and in craft projects. 

If you choose an unwrapped soap

Your soap will be wrapped in tissue paper with a paper label that details the ingredients which are also listed on the website.

College Green soaps

There are five soaps in the College Green range:

  • Lavender & Patchouli soap: has a sprinkling of dried lavender flowers, a delicate lavender scent with a base note of earthy patchouli.
  • Rose Geranium soap: some bars have a dried rosebud in the top, with a delicate rose scent.
  • Lime & Grapefruit soap: swirled with French green clay, with refreshing citrus scent.
  • Lemongrass, Ginger & Oat soap: orange coloured thanks to the beer, with oats sprinkled on top.
  • Peppermint & Rosemary Coffee Scrub soap: the addition of exfoliating coffee grounds turns these bars dark brown in colour and you can't miss the distinctive, scent of peppermint.

College Green soap collections

College Green soaps are also available in collections:

Gift wrapping

College Green gift boxes can be wrapped in a unique vintage silk scarf, based on the ancient Japanese art called furoshiki. Read all about furoshiki here.

If you've got any questions, comment or special requirements then please get in touch, I'd love to hear from you!