All about wax melts and why they make a great gift (with demonstration video!)

Not sure what a wax melt is? It's a small block of wax infused with fragrance oil - essentially a candle without a wick. 

They fill a room with fabulous scent, and can be reused and refilled time and time again with a huge variety of scents. 

To use a wax melt you'll need a wax warmer, also known as a wax melter - these come in a variety of shapes and sizes, often made of ceramic . At the bottom of the melter there's a place to put a tea light, and a dish on the top that holds the melt.

To get started simply light the tea light and put in place which will gently warm the dish; pop the wax melt in the dish and the heat will melt the wax which then releases its fragrance into the room.

Once the wax has melted either blow out the candle for a subtle fragrance, or leave it burning for a stronger scent, or to infuse a larger space. 

When the tea light goes out the melt will start to cool and solidify. It will stay like that in the dish until you re-light the tea light and start all over again.

Each wax melt will release fragrance for for several hours, and once the fragrance has started to fade you simply remove the wax and replace it with another melt.

Wax warmer starter kits

You can buy the individual elements separately, or if you're starting out a starter kit or gift set will contain all you need - wax warmer, a selection of melts and a tea light.

Why is a wax warmer so great for your home?

  • Firstly they look great - they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours so you'll easily find one to suit your decor. Many of them have a design cut into the ceramic that glows with the light of the flame. 
  • Wax melt gift sets make the ideal gift for people who are difficult to buy. And it won't matter if your recipient has a wax warmer already - wax melt enthusiasts will happily place one in every room!
  • They're portable (if you choose a ceramic warmer, unlike electric warmers which need to be placed near a plug socket) - and can be easily moved around the home and garden.
  • Each wax melt lasts for a long time - making them great value for money.
  • And wax warmers are far safer than traditional oil and water burners (where you add a few drops of fragranced oil to a dish of water) because there's no danger of the wax evaporating and leaving a sticky burned mess in the bottom of the dish. 

Which type of wax should a wax melt be made with?

Soy wax melts are generally regarded as superior to paraffin based melts. Soy wax is a natural, plant based, clean burning wax that doesn't create soot or emit harmful toxins into the air like paraffin wax. The 'hot scent throw' (how well the scent fills a room) is excellent too. 

Wax melt additives

Wax melts can be coloured, and some are embedded with dried botanicals such as flowers and leaves that are revealed as the wax melts, then float serenely in the warm wax. You might find dried rosebuds in floral scented melts or star anise in Christmas blends.

Watch a video to see a wax melt as it melts, revealing dried petals along with the scent.

 So now you know all about the benefits of a wax warmer, all you need to do now is choose one! 

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Of course, just like a candle, you need to exercise caution when using wax warmers: never leave them unattended, or within reach of children or pets. Keep them away from draughts and material such as curtains. And always extinguish them when you go to sleep - the wax will keep scenting the room long after the tea light has been blown out.