We've gone N A K E D !

You read it right - we've thrown off our clothes and we're parading proudly in the buff. Of course we mean our soaps - we've made them available package free....... you didn't think....... *blush!*

Actually we love the look of our soaps in their wrappings. And we love sourcing different wrap, whether paper -we like Cambridge Imprint designs best, like this one:

or fabric - to compliment the soaps. And we never use plastic - only biodegradable wrappings, and reusable ribbon.

But we also hate waste, and know that many of our customers do too. So we've made all our soaps available in an unwrapped version - and have discounted the price to reflect that too.

What's inspired us? Well the #zerowaste, #plasticfree, #packagefree movement that we've followed for some time now, and which has - amazingly - moved from niche minority movement to mainstream consciousness. 

If you choose a wrapped soap

Wrapped soaps make beautiful, ready wrapped presents, they add a real wow! factor to a shop display, and the wrapping protects the soaps.

If you choose a wrapped soap, then make use of the wrapping! The papers make bright & cheerful shopping lists and little notes, can be re-used to wrap small presents and in craft projects.

If you choose an unwrapped soap

There will be no artisan paper or fabric wrapping, ribbon or tag. The ingredients are all listed on our website, and if you buy more than one different type of soap, then we'll wrap a small scrap of paper round each different type, so it's clear which is which.

You can buy our soaps unwrapped here, on our website, and at our Stroud Farmers' Market stall, on the fourth Saturday of every month.

Get inspired

If you feel inspired by the zero waste movement, then the following have been our main source of our inspiration:

If you've got any questions, comment or special requirements then please get in touch!