When the wedding invitation says 'Plus 40 soaps'

We were thrilled when our good friend Andy announced that he was getting married to the lovely Mandi.

And we were just as thrilled when Mandi told us that she'd like our soaps as wedding favours, especially as she'd been wooed throughout their courtship with a selection of College Green soaps! Clever Andy - what better way could there be to someone's heart? 

So 40 lavender & patchouli soaps were specially made, cured for 6 weeks, and packaged in our signature Cambridge Imprint Seaweed Paisley paper which matched the bridesmaids' dark blue dresses.

They were then packed in recycled plant-based bubble wrap (what else?) and picked up just days before the wedding.

The wedding took place at the fabulous Matara in the Cotswolds town of Tetbury and was one of the nicest days we can remember.

Our soaps were there on the tables, among amazing floral decorations. 

The guests will find that lavender is renowned for its calming fragrance and soothing effects on the skin. It reduces stress, promotes restful sleep and is particularly gentle on sensitive skin conditions including eczema, acne and psoriasis. Patchouli is also celebrated for its skin soothing properties and regenerates skin cells, helping scars and stretch marks to fade. It's particularly good for mature skin and the scent is a known aphrodisiac (we'll say no more about that.)

The talented College Green photographer Theseus took some great photos - we especially like this one 

Our parting gift was a special blend of rose geranium infused bath salts, mixed with dried rose petals for a romantic post-wedding soak.

We wish Mr & Mrs Desmond lots of soapy College Green love for a fabulously happy marriage together x