This is what a scientist says about the benefits of bathing in Epsom salt

Do Epsom salt baths really work?

How do they work? And where's the evidence?

When I heard that the BBC Radio 4 programme Sliced Bread featured an interview with leading expert on magnesium research Dr. Lindsy Kass from the University of Hertfordshire my ears priced up.

Dr Klass has worked with elite athletes for many years as a sports scientist and nutritionist, and now researches the benefits of magnesium.

In the programme she explains how magnesium is found in some foods, particularly green leafy vegetables, some pulses, bananas and of course salt - including Epsom salt.

There is proof that the benefits of magnesium include helping with muscle contraction and relaxation, blood pressure, energy levels and muscle cramps and relaxation.

And research shows that people have higher levels of magnesium in their bodies after bathing in magnesium salt baths, showing that magnesium is absorbed through the skin.

And the answer to the question: "is it worth bathing in magnesium salts?" was yes, "it's worth it" followed by an explanation that the combination of the magnesium content of salts combined with warm bath water is an ideal combination.


Happily College Green bath soaks are a combination of three types of magnesium-rich salts, each of which contains a host of other beneficial ingredients: Epsom salt, Dead Sea salt and Himalayan salt, together with skin soothing colloidal oatmeal and pure essential oils.

There are five College Green bath soaks: Sleep Easy, Rosy Posy, Happy, Calming and Warming.

The most popular by far is Sleep Easy. Its sleep-inducing lavender and valerian essential oils will sooth your mind, relax your body and set you up for a night of restful sleep.

Open jar of College Green Sleep Easy bath soak in an amber jar, shown from above

Perfect if you’ve had a busy day, you find it hard to unwind or need a good night’s sleep, College Green Sleep Easy bath soak also makes the perfect gift for someone who deserves some much needed rest and relaxation and is included in a gift box along with a College Green Lavender & Patchouli natural soap, wooden soap dish, mini lavender candle and a sachet of College Green Relaxing facial steam.

Finally, if you're not familiar with it, the Sliced Bread programme really is fascinating. It researches the "facts behind the fads" to understand whether products that "claim to make us happier, healthier and greener really are the best thing since sliced bread." You can listen to it here, and the episode featuring Dr Klass here.

Better still, why not listen while you're relaxing in a College Green bath?

Rachael x

 College Green Rosy Posy bath soak in amber jar, with purple geranium flower