This is the solution to hotel chains banning mini toiletries

It's welcome news that the InterContinental Hotels Group is to stop providing mini toiletries in its chain of hotels.

It appears to be part of a global trend, as lawmakers in California are considering a state-wide ban on hotel miniatures.

Great news for the environment, but what about travellers?

The most common alternative to small bottles of toiletries is for hotels to provide pump dispensers full of multi purpose surfactants - hardly a treat after a long day sightseeing.

Worry not travellers - at College Green we have lots of environmentally-friendly and travel-friendly alternatives - and none of our products are packaged in plastic.


  • Tiny travel soaps - perfect for guest bathrooms, hotels, B&Bs and Airbnbs - each small square soap is hand cut from one of our full size bars, very cute and ideal for a couple of day's use. 
  • Single-bath aromatherapy bath soaks in a reusable tin - ideal as a relaxing soak once you reach your destination. There are five varieties to choose from, and the tins are recyclable (though we prefer repurposing them as holders for small items - buttons, beads, pins... the possibilities are endless.) 
  • Small soaps - at around a third the size of a full size bar of soap these are just right for a couple of week's stay in a hotel. Now available in a tin, so you can take the remainder home, and re-use the tin.

We believe you can be an environmentally conscious traveller without compromising your skincare - the best of both worlds!