Twelve reasons to visit Stroud Farmers' Market

Stroud's weekly farmers' market is home to around 50 stalls & widely acknowledged as being one of the busiest and best in the UK. Here are twelve reasons why you should plan a visit:

1. It’s trailblazing. There are more than 1,000 farmers’ markets in the UK, and Stroud was one of the first, being founded back in 1999.  

Welcome to Stroud Farmers' Market sign

    2. It’s award winning. The trophy cabinet must be bursting at the seams as Stroud Farmers’ Market has won multiple awards including BBC Radio 4’s Food & Farming Awards for `Best Food Market’, Cotswold Life Awards for `Best Farmers’ Market’ and was the FARMA UK `Certified Farmers’ Market of the Year.’ 

    A fiddler walks around Stroud Farmers' Market

    3. You can read all about it. The market is frequently featured in publications and `best farmers’ market lists by The Independent, The Guardian Weekend, The Times and Sunday Times, The Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph, Country Living and more.

    4. It’s hyper local. Everything at Stroud Farmers’ Market is locally grown or produced within 30 miles, which means food & craft miles are among the lowest they can be. 

    Cider at Stroud Farmers' Market

    5. Every week is different. While some vendors such as Salt Bakehouse and Stroud Smokehouse are regular weekly fixtures, others like Cymbal Knits attend on fortnightly basis, or monthly such as College Green and Rustic Puglia. Regulars get to know the schedule of their favourites, and every time you visit your experience will be different. 

    College Green natural soaps at Stroud Farmers' Market

      6. The stallholders. The majority of stalls are staffed by the person who has produced the product on display. That means the person that hands over your bunch of heritage carrots or rainbow chard is likely to be the farmer that dug them up the day before and will tell you the best way to cook them. Craft stall holders will explain the benefits of each essential oil in a bar of soap or how they achieved that particular glazing technique on their pottery. They have a unique knowledge of their product and love nothing more that sharing it with interested browsers – just ask and you’ll see!  

      Stroud Smokehouse at Stroud Farmers' Market

        7. It’s in Stroud. Named the UK’s best place to live by The Times, the award celebrated Stroud town as “quirky, independent and free-spirited.’ There’s a story that Stroud lies on the convergence of numerous lay lines which is why so many travellers intend to pass through, but then end their journeys and settle here.  

        A woman with a wicker shopping trolley browsing Stroud Farmers' Market stalls

          8. You'll find unique gifts. Foodies will be spoiled for choice with olive oil, mulling syrup, honey, beer and smoked salt and there are dozens of craft stalls too. From natural soaps made with Cotswold spring water and local beer to socks made on a 1920’s hand cranked knitting machine – you’ll find a gift with a story to tell. 
             Rustic Puglia olive oil at Stroud Farmers' Market

            9. It’s social. You can’t help but notice a buzz when you visit. Shoppers get used to stepping around groups of friends who have stopped for a chat or meet for a late breakfast in the market café which is the best place for people spotting. 

            Happy shoppers at Stroud Farmers' Market

            10. It's dog friendly. Being outdoors it's a popular place to bring dogs who enjoy the array of interesting sights and smells. Look closely and you might see some of the stall holders' dogs supervising from behind the scenes. 

             A dog behind a stall at Stroud Farmers' Market

            11.You can stock your larder for the whole week. From freshly picked farm fresh vegetables and salad leaves, heritage apples direct from the orchard, eggs, cheese, bread and pastries, milk, and a whole range of charcuterie and fresh meat. The choice of ready-to-eat food stalls is just as varied - from samosas and Thai spring rolls to Korean mushroom bao buns and raclette. Sit at the cafe with coffee made with locally roasted beans while you gather the strength to shop some more.  

            Salt Bakehouse bread at Stroud Farmers' Market

            12. It’s just a day trip away. A market trip is a must if you’re visiting anywhere in the Cotswolds and is an easy day trip either by road via the M5 or train: Stroud is just 90 minutes from London on a direct train, 26 from Swindon, 35 from Cheltenham and 17 minutes from Gloucester.  

            Stroud rail station