Soap SOS: this is how to save your soap in style

Squish! If that's the sound your soap or solid shampoo bar makes once you've scraped it off the side of the sink, you're doing it all wrong: soap, and especially natural soap, needs a soap dish to help keep it dry between uses.

Have you ever wondered why natural soap is softer in consistency than commercial bars? It's because the average supermarket soap will often contain artificial `hardeners' or have the skin softening glycerin removed, both of which will give it a harder, more solid consistency.

Or they use palm oil as an ingredient - a popular ingredient in both commercial and `artisan' soaps for its ability to produce a harder bar, with the added benefit as being far cheaper than other oils.

At College Green we proudly produce soaps that are free of artificial ingredients, packed full of beneficial glycerine and contain no palm oil free.

But principles come at a cost, in our case, a slightly softer bar of soap than you may be used to, however with just a little care you can extend the life of your natural soap, keeping your skin soft and nourished for longer.

Quite simply, all you need to do is use a soap dish which will keep your soap from sitting in a puddle of water and going soggy. 

At College Green we have a range of soap dishes to suit every sink, and every budget.

Our wooden soap dishes are made from sustainable guger or hemu wood, and sourced from an ethical supplier who insists on the highest standards of welfare in the factories it works with.

There's also a limited edition range of glass soap savers, hand made by a studio in Cornwall. There weren't many of these made before production stopped so once they're gone, they really are gone. 

These beautiful soap dishes are the perfect size for all College Green soaps - whether you choose a full size bar, shaped soap or a mini.

 Each soap dish will fit any College Green soap - whether you choose a full size bar, shaped soap or a mini.

Of course there are other ways to keep your soap dry - using an upturned lid for example - but we guarantee they won't look any bit as stylish as one of ours ;-)

You can shop our range of soap dishes here