Replace your shaving foam with an eco friendly, glycerine-rich natural soap

Are you using cream, foam or gel to get a smooth shave?

Did you know there’s no need for shaving products when you use a natural soap? 

Let me explain.... it's all down to the glycerine in natural soap that's created during the soap making process.

Glycerine really is an incredible substance, with a whole host of beneficial properties.

As a humectant, glycerine retains and attracts moisture in the skin, forming a protective barrier around the skin and helping keep it safe from damage. It sooths cuts and burns, reduces irritation and encourages healing. 

And it helps a razor glide smoothly over your skin, without making it sore, red or inflamed.

In fact glycerine is so valued in the beauty industry that large scale soap manufacturers often extract the glycerine from their soaps to use in other cosmetic products!

So when you buy a glycerine-deficient bar of soap there's no wonder you need extra help when shaving - in the form of a shaving cream or gel.

College Green natural soaps however are positively bursting with natural glycerine - every precious drop is retained in the soap creating a highly moisturising, gentle lather which allows a razor to glide smoothly over delicate skin without irritation, razor burn, nicks or cuts.

College Green soaps are made from a base of six skin loving natural oils and butters and a blend of pure essential oils. Unlike many shaving products they are free from synthetic ingredients including parabens and phthalates, the common skin irritant sodium lauryl sulfate, and are all proudly palm oil free.

And College Green soaps are friendlier to the planet too. There's no waste, and no aluminium can or plastic container to recycle.

You'll find College Green soaps at Stroud Farmers' Market on the fourth Saturday of every month (next market 22 April) or online.

Why not try one and see?