How to make your Christmas gift even more special with Japanese-inspired gift wrapping

You've found the perfect present - so how are you going to match the wrap to the awesome gift inside?


Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese way of wrapping everyday items which originated when people wrapped their clothes in a distinctive large square cloth when visiting a public bath so they could easily identify their belongings.

It's evolved into a popular way of wrapping gifts and in Japan and Korea there are specialist stores where you can buy beautiful furoshiki cloth and have items skillfully wrapped using intricate techniques.

The tradition is an easy and effective one to replicate using pieces of cloth, tea towels or scarves, and is the perfect eco friendly alternative to single-use paper gift wrapping, with no tape or ribbon needed. 

At College Green I have a collection of beautiful vintage scarves (mostly silk) that I use as wrapping for College Green gift boxes. And it means you're giving two gifts, with the recipient having the option to wear the scarf or pass it on as a wrapping to someone else.

I'll have a selection of vintage scarves at every market to choose from or if you buy online I'll choose one for you - every one is unique and totally gorgeous! 

There are lots of lovely College Green gift sets to choose from including natural, handmade soaps bath soaks, candles, reed diffusers and pillow sprays. 

If you buy gift wrap online after selecting a gift box you'll find the scarf wrapping under `Accessories' or I'll have a selection at my Stroud Farmers' Market stall on the fourth Saturday of every month.

Please note: the scarves are often vintage, therefore they may have some minor imperfections but that won't prevent them being loved and used.