How is your new year wellness goal going?

 Back in January I wrote down my goals for this year: to continue on my own wellness journey & do more of what makes me happy, reasoning that If I can do that, everything else will fall into place. 

I was determined for it to be a journey, not a race, And like all journeys it will slow down, take an occasional wrong turn, and sometimes even stop for a while.

My new love of trail running has had to pause while I recover from an injury, but I'm filling the gap by learning Qigong - at first by completing an online course with Commune, and now in-person with a friend who runs Stroud Qigong

And I signed up for an Introduction to Meditation course at my local college. Incredibly it's free-of-charge, and I'm absolutely loving it. Hopefully I can just sign up again when it ends because I never want it to stop!

And of course I'm still making the things that help people sleep better, feel calmer and increase their own happiness (which make great gifts for people who need some TLC).

I hope you're able to unplug yourself every now and then.

PS I don't know much about Anne Lamott, but I do love this quote, and the fact that the New York Times calls her the lefty guru of happiness!