How are you celebrating International Self Care Day?

It's International Self Care Day today (24 July) - a day to promote self care, and the benefits of looking after yourself.

But self care is more than a quick pampering session once a year. So why not use the day to think of all the ways you can add a little self care to every day.

As a starting guide The Independent lists the core pillars of self care as:

  • Physical - exercising, eating a healthy diet & staying hydrated
  • Emotional - playing music, reading a book, focussing on your feelings
  • Intellectual - stimulating your mind by learning a skill, visiting a museum or doing a puzzle
  • Social - interacting with others, either in person or by picking up the phone
  • Spiritual - meditation, yoga, gratitude journaling, a relaxing bath

And of course pampering yourself crosses several of the pillars: who doesn't love a long indulgent bath, a luxuriously creamy handmade soap, or a relaxing scented candle?

Fortunately, College Green can help when it comes to pampering, and natural soaps, bath soaks & scented candles all make perfect gifts for someone you know who needs a little help taking care of themselves.

After all, self care isn't an expense, it's an investment.