Gift inspiration for people you don't know well (or are hard to buy for): Part 1

It's difficult to buy gifts for someone you don't know very well - will they already have one? Will it fit in with their decor? Will it live at the back of their cupboard as soon as you've left?

Fortunately, there are lots of gifts that are virtually guaranteed pride of place in every home....

Introducing the College Green Wax Melt gift set.

 A wax what?

A wax melt is like a candle without a wick - each one is made of wax that's infused with fragrance, just as scented candles are.

A College Green wax melt infused with fragrance and dried botanicals

To use a wax melt you'll need a wax warmer.  At the bottom of the warmer there's a place to put a tea light, and a dish on the top that holds the melt. 

A college green white ceramic wax warmer

Once lit the tea light gently warms the dish which in turn melts the wax, releasing the fragrance into the room.

When the tea light goes out the melt will start to cool and solidify. It will stay like that in the dish until the tea light is re-lit or replaced.

Each melt will fragrance a room for many hours, and once the fragrance has started to fade it's easy to remove the wax and replace it with another melt (I make use of my old melts by putting them in a scrunched up newspaper as a fire lighter).

College Green Wax Melt gift sets come complete with a white ceramic warmer, a selection of six scented melts, each infused with dried botanicals that float in the wax once melted, and a tea light. 

A College Green wax warmer gift set with white ceramic wax warmer and selection of scented wax melts infused with dried botanicals

And as most people love a beautifully scented home, they are pretty much guaranteed as a winner in the present stakes.

Plus it won't matter if your recipient has a wax warmer already as they can be placed in every room in the house.

College Green wax melts are made with clean burning soy wax and beautifully fragranced, nature inspired oils and even throw off scent when they are cold (known as cold scent throw). 

Fragrances include a selection from College Green favourites: Gingerbread, Christmas Spice, Nordic Forest, Tobacco Blossom & Vanilla, English Pear & Vanilla, Lavender, Chamomile & Vanilla, Bluebell and Parisian Spring.

I'll have wax melts gift sets at Christmas fairs and markets along with a selection of vintage silk scarves as beautiful wrapping. And in November, in Whiteshill Village Shop as I'm the Maker of the Month. Or browse the selection online here.