Gift inspiration for people you don't know well (or are hard to buy for): part 2

It's so difficult to buy gifts for someone you don't know very well - will they already have one? Will it fit in with their decor? Will it live at the back of their cupboard as soon as you've left?

Fortunately, there are lots of gifts that are virtually guaranteed pride of place in every home....

...Introducing the College Green Sleep Easy gift sets!

...because most of us struggle to get to sleep at times and could do with a little help to drift off. 

The College Green Sleep Easy range is made with a range of relaxing essential oils, well known for their ability to calm, reduce anxiety and gently lull you into a relaxed state, ready to fall asleep naturally.

There's Sleep Easy aromatherapy bath soak, with three mineral and magnesium-rich salts which is absorbed directly from your salt bath through your skin. They relax muscles, lower blood pressure, balance blood sugar and lift mood. The salts are combined with pure lavender and valerian essential oils, well known for their sedative qualities

Sleep Easy pillow and room spray can be spritzed around a bedroom and onto a pillow just before bedtime, or around any room to create a calm and relaxing space. It contains a unique blend of pure essential oils, each celebrated for its ability to calm troubled minds, balance emotions, prepare for meditation and aid a deep, restful night’s sleep.

Lavender & Vanilla soy wax scented candle & reed diffuser filled with a sweet powdery herbal fragrance opening with citrus notes, eucalyptus and camphor leading to a heart of lavender and spicy clove resting on a base of sugared vanilla, musk and tonka. Light the candle an hour before bedtime, or keep the reed diffuser by your bed to fill your bedroom with sweetly soporific scent.

Each is available in a variety of combinations in College Green gift sets. Not sure if they have bath? Choose the pillow spray and candle gift set, or a candle and reed diffuser set. You know they love an evening bath? Choose a set with a bath soak.