College Green customers have started their Christmas shopping early

"Can you bring some more soaps?" said the urgent voice on the phone. "Someone's just bought fourteen and we've only got two left."

So we filled a basket of soaps and headed straight out to the Made In Stroud shop to re-stock, just a little sooner than we'd anticipated.

It seems the bulk soap customer was a very organised Christmas shopper and the display of beautifully packaged College Green soaps was all the inspiration she needed to get a significant amount of festive ticks on her shopping list.

It may be still September, but we're noticing that customers are starting to mention Christmas already, and College Green soaps really do make a perfect gift. 

Not only are they exceptionally good for your skin, made with only pure, natural ingredients to our secret recipe - but our soaps are all beautifully wrapped and ready-to-give......the perfect gift.