Black Friday? No thanks! It's Green Friday all day for us (and on Saturday, Sunday, Monday...)

It might seem slightly strange that a retail business like ours is shunning Black Friday. After all, we're told it's one of the busiest times of the year.

But Black Friday is something we won't be taking part in, and these are the reasons why:

Our prices are already as low as they can be. Like many small businesses we price to sell in a competitive market, and frequently our items are priced so low that there's only the smallest profit margin. If we reduced our prices any lower we'd be in danger of making a loss.

We use only the best quality ingredients.  Which come at a cost. We source our ingredients carefully, we don't take short cuts, and use only quality suppliers. 

We buy our ingredients in small quantities. That means they are as fresh as they can be. It means we pay a higher price for them, but they don't spend months hanging around getting stale.

We don't use palm oil. Palm oil is a super cheap ingredient used in many soaps, even 'natural' soaps. It's there because the resulting bar is incredibly hard and long lasting. But it comes at an environmental cost that we're not comfortable with, so we don't use it, ever. And the oils we do use cost more.

Buy less choose well is a philosophy that many of our customers are adopting - conscious consumerism. They are shunning cheap products that don't serve much function and often end up in landfill in favour of the best quality, useful alternatives. Fortunately for us, everyone needs to wash ;-)

Did you know .... Black Friday came about after US businesses would spend  most of the year losing money (‘in the red’) before finally making profit thanks to a huge shopping surge the day after Thanksgiving – putting them ‘in the black’.

So why not join us in shunning Black Friday this year, and go green instead?