Are you looking for a present for someone who needs some rest and relaxation? (Maybe that's you?)

A long hot bath is the perfect way to unwind and prepare for a good night's sleep and College Green bath soaks are bursting with sleep inducing natural ingredients.

Each jar contains a combination of mineral and magnesium-rich Epsom salt, Dead Sea Salt and Himalayan Salt, combined with skin soothing colloidal oatmeal (so finely ground it suspends in the water) and pure essential oils.

Bathing in salts is proven to have an effect on muscle contraction and relaxation, blood pressure, energy levels and muscle cramps and relaxation.

There are five soaks to choose from: Sleep Easy, Rosy Posy, Happy, Calming and Warming (which is most popular as a foot soak).

They're available in 250g and 500g amber glass jars which look beautiful on every bathroom shelf. And when they're finished, pop a tea light in for a lovely ambient glow.

They make a perfect gift for someone who deserves some me time (forward this as a hint if that someone is you!)

I'll be at Tetbury Goods Shed Christmas Fair on Sunday 4 December, The Salutation Inn Christmas Market on Saturday 11 December, then Stroud Farmers's Market Saturday 17 & Saturday 24 December.

The webshop is open for orders too, and if you're local to Stroud you can choose local pickup in the shipping section and collect from Randwick.