Soft laundry soap

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Our soft laundry soap was developed as an authentic Tudor-style laundry soap for re-enactment groups, though it has a wide range of uses.

Made from pure coconut oil it has a jelly-like consistency, and easily dissolves in hot water, ready for washing laundry.

For delicates such as silk and wool, dissolve in hot water, then let the temperature cool before use.

Soft soap is an effective, natural pest control for gardeners: simply dissolve in warm water, then decant into a spray bottle once cool. Spray on garden pests, or use as a deterrent.

College Green soft soap is 100% biodegradable free from palm oil, SLS and artificial surfactants.

We will send soft soap in a fully compostible clear pot, with a lid,made from plants. It will biodegrade within 6 weeks (but we'd prefer you to wash it and re-use it!)