Natural ramie soap bag

Natural ramie soap bag

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Natural ramie soap bags are the perfect gently exfoliating alternative to flannels, sponges and the very un-natural nylon body scrubs and mitts.

Made from the stalks of the Chinese Nettle, ramie is 100% natural, absorbent, strong, breathable and resistant to mould and bacteria.

Simply pop your College Green natural soap inside the ramie soap bag, tighten the toggle, wet the bag and away you go.

The ramie fibre is soft enough to use on your face and will gently exfoliate to remove dead skin, dirt and makeup without damaging the delicate skin.

When you're done you can leave the soap in the ramie bag on a soap dish, or hang the bag up and leave to dry naturally.

Ramie soap bags are ideal for taking your College Green soaps with you when travelling and will help to protect your soap.

Machine washable.