Lavender bag

Lavender bag

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If you're a fan of our lavender & patchouli soap (and who isn't?), then you'll love our cute little jute bags bursting with dried lavender flowers.

They make a perfect present (we're thinking Mother's Day), look great nestled in a College Green gift basket, teachers much prefer them to yet another box of iced cupcakes, and Father Christmas highly recommends them as stocking fillers.

Once received, our lavender bags have lots of uses:

  • hang on a door handle for a fragrant welcome to a room
  • hang in your wardrobe, or pop in a drawer to freshen clothes & act as a natural moth repellent
  • pop under your pillow to help you get to sleep and have the sweetest of dreams
  • drop the whole bag in a warm bath to infuse it with a lovely calming scent
  • keep in the bottom of a handbag so every time you rummage for your keys you get a fabulous lavender hit
  • crush lightly in your hand and inhale deeply to relieve stress and headaches (we keep one in the car)

College Green lavender is the highest quality. We guarantee that the flowers are't genetically modified, or irradiated.