Wooden Ladder Soap Dish

Wooden Ladder Soap Dish

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Our natural wood soap dish will keep your College Green natural handmade soaps drained well between uses, making the soap stay dry and last longer. 

Because natural soaps are rich in glycerine, they tend to be softer than commercial bars, and really don't like being sat in a puddle of water! Plus we don't use palm oil in any of our soaps - palm oil being a soap 'hardener'. A soap dish therefore will allow air to flow around the soap keeping it dry and helping to prolong its life.

This lovely wooden soap dish is the perfect size for all College Green soaps - whether you choose a full size bar, shaped soap or a mini. It's a ladder style, and made from sustainable platane wood (from a relative of the plane tree).

We source our soap dishes from an ethical supplier with direct links to the makers, so we are fully confident of their provenance.

As the soap dish is made from wood, it will need occasional cleaning and will benefit from oiling once in a while to prolong its life and keep it healthy - a quick wipe with a vegetable kitchen oil, such as olive oil, or sunflower oil is all it will need to keep looking it's best. And just like soap, your soap dish shouldn't sit in a puddle of water.

The size is approximately 11cm x 9cm; weight 34g.