Candles - 500g three wick

Candles - 500g three wick

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There's nothing that says `cosy home' better than the gently flickering flame of a candle in an amber glass jar. College Green candles make a lovely addition to every home, and make fantastic presents (because everyone will love them as much as you).

College Green candle are made from pure soy wax, which gives a clean, soot-free burn, and carefully blended fragrance oils, then hand poured in small batches in our Cotswolds studio.

There are three sizes to choose from - 100g, 250g and a whopping 500g three-wick candle. Each comes with an aluminium screw top lid which is useful for keeping the wax dust-free, or for when travelling.

The choice of College Green candle scents change with the seasons - our current collection is perfect for cosying up on cold autumn and winter evenings.

College Green candles compliment our range of aromatherapy bath soaks, which are also presented in classic amber jars.

Once fully burned bring your cleaned jar* to our Stroud Farmer's Market stall for a £1 discount on another candle.

* To clean a candle jar simply fill the empty jar with very hot water from a kettle. When the water cools any residual wax will rise to the top, making it easy to remove. Finish with a quick rinse in warm soapy water.