Bubble cube candle

Bubble cube candle

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Light up your room with a hand poured, natural soy wax bubble candle in classic white. It looks stunning in every room and compliments every style of decor.

You may decide it's just too pretty to light, in which case leave it unlit as a gorgeous room ornament. If you do decide to light it, your bubble candle will cast a soft glow over your room as it burns.

College Green bubble candles make a perfect present, host(ess) or housewarming gift.

We use unscented vegan-friendly white soy wax which burns cleanly and doesn't leave a sooty residue on walls or furnishings.

Once the candle has burned to the end you can continue its use by placing a tea light in the hollow.

How to burn your College Green bubble candle

Your bubble candle is designed to burn a `tunnel' down to the bottom, leaving the wax sides intact. Uneven surfaces and draughts may lead to wax leakage, so make sure your bubble candle is placed on a plate or candle holder, on an even surface.

Keep out of draughts and only burn for 2 hours at a time. Don't leave a burning candle unattended, and keep out of reach of children, pets and material such as curtains.

If your bubble candle wax drips, wait until the wax is cool then break it away. Wax residue on hard surfaces will wash away with warm soapy water.


 College Green bubble candles are made by hand, so slight imperfections my occur.

6cms x 5cms x 5cms