Win a zesty lime & grapefruit soap with Make Space Less Waste!

We've teamed up with the lovely Annabel from Make Space Less Waste who is giving away one of our zesty lime & grapefruit soaps in a competition. Naturally it's a package free soap!

To enter simply like their Twitter post and retweet.

Lime & grapefruit is a fabulous soap for this time of year - its crisp, zesty fragrance is full of the promise of spring, and the swirls of green clay are perfect for deep-cleansing sluggish winter skin. 

It's made with our unique blend of six oils and butters (including olive oil, shea butter and local beeswax), Cotswold spring water (from the Hawkwood College spring - as you can see in the photo) and essential oils including uplifting bergamot, refreshing grapefruit and skin-toning lime. A perfect morning pick-me-up!

We introduced a package free version of all our soaps back in February.


Well we we love the packaging on our soaps - carefully chosen to compliment their contents, and the wrappings make beautiful recycled shopping lists and cute tiny notepapers.

They look great in a shop display, and if you're buying a soap then it's wrapped and ready to give.

But we know that many of our customers hate waste as we do, and if you're buying a soap that you'll simply unwrap and use as soon as you get home, then buying an unwrapped soap makes more sense.

Our unwrapped soaps can be bought on our website, our Etsy shop, our monthly Stroud Farmers' Market stall (4th Saturday of each month) and in Made in Stroud (where they've gone down a storm). 

Make Space Less Waste Tweets about zero-waste beauty, cleaning & shopping plus composting, recycling & environmental news - bang on trend and definitely worth a follow!

The competition closes on April 17 - good luck!