When is junk mail not junk?

When it's inviting you to an amazing art fair!

I received a leaflet through the post a couple of weeks ago inviting me to a three day Fresh art fair at Cheltenham Racecourse, about half an hour drive from home.

I thought it might be interesting, and went along on the last afternoon, arriving two hours before it closed.

Wow - it was amazing, an art lover’s dream! Hundreds of artists were on display, including a couple of paintings by Lowry, Matisse and David Hockney, although most were by current artists, some of whom were there who I got to talk to, and I watched a couple of demonstrations too.

It’s an annual event, so the 2024 show is going in my calendar right now.

You can see a reel I made on my Instagram page.

And I'll be reading unsolicited flyers that arrive with my post more carefully in future - you never know what treasures might be among them.