We're trialling shower bombs - have you ever used one?

We were surprised at the results of an Instagram story poll recently that showed most people preferring a shower to a bath. And several customers have asked us for an alternative to the bath soak in our gift boxes for people who don't have a bath. So the signs are all there for College Green to dip a toe in the water of shower bombs, using our friends as testers.

A shower bomb? If this is new to you a shower bomb (or shower fizzie or tablet) is like a bath bomb for the shower. You put the `bomb’ on the floor of your shower, and as it dissolves in the water it releases essential oils into your shower, enveloping your in spa-like steam. 

So far our research has shown that lots of shower bombs are made with (artificial) fragrance oils, but we’re sticking to pure essential oils, just like our aromatherapy bath soaks.

The ones in the photo are based on the College Green Warming bath soak, with Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Marjoram & Black Pepper essential oils. And a sprinkling of Hawaiian black lava salt for dramatic effect.

Have you ever tried a shower bomb? What did you think?