We're celebrating the new season with vibrant gift wrap

Zesty yellows, verdant greens & blossom pinks - we're matching our gift wrap to the new Spring season.

We've opted for unique and environmentally sustainable gift wrap by using vintage scarves. We have dozens of colours, patterns and prints but each one is different.

Your gift will be gorgeous and absolutely unique - a truly unforgettable gift that will be treasured by whoever receives it. And of course the scarf becomes a present in itself.

Once opened, the wrapping can be worn as a scarf, or used as gift wrapping again.

The idea is based on the art of furoshiki - the traditional Japanese art of wrapping everyday items - it's the perfect alternative to single-use paper gift wrap which is often unrecyclable due to the foil or plastic embedded within it, and the plastic tape used to secure the wrapping. 

The scarf will be wrapped around any item you choose, although gift sets work particularly well. We'll tie the scarf using a loose knot to secure it - no tape, string or adhesive is used and it can easily be unwrapped by simply untying the knot.

Choose your gift wrap once you've added your item to be wrapped to your basket; it's under `Accessories'.