Want to know the secret of a waggy tail?

We asked Murphy, winner of the Randwick Wap 'Waggiest Tail' competition the secret to his success:

"It's all down to College Green natural soap for dogs," he said.*

"As soon as I knew the first prize in every class was a soap I just couldn't stop my tail wagging, and before I knew it I'd won!"

Perhaps it was the fact that our natural soap for dogs is entirely chemical free, or that it's packed full of skin soothing kaolin clay which calms even the most sensitive skin that made Murphy's tail wag so hard. It could even be the fact that the essential oils are specially selected for their natural flea and tick repelling properties. 

Whatever it was, it worked and Murphy is now the proud owner of a rosette courtesy of AAS Vets, a College Green natural soap for dogs, and the knowledge that he has the waggiest tail in Randwick.

*OK, Murphy didn't actually speak to us. But the dog owners among you will understand that he communicated with us without the need for speech. It's a dog thing.