You'll never see another gift wrapped just like this

If you'd like to give a unique, one-of-a-kind gift, why not have it wrapped in a vintage scarf?

College Green beautiful vintage scarf wrapping is not only environmentally friendly, but is a gift in itself!

Based on the art of furoshiki - the the traditional Japanese art of wrapping everyday items, your scarf can be worn, or used as wrapping for another gift, passing on the tradition of using sustainable gift wrap.

Furoshiki is the perfect alternative to single-use paper gift wrapping which is often unrecyclable thanks to the foil or plastic embedded within it, or the plastic tape used to secure the wrapping.

The scarf will be wrapped around your item, using a loose knot to secure it - no tape, string or adhesive is used and it can easily be unwrapped by untying the knot.

Scarf wrapping can be used on any College Green item, even glass jars, but is particularly suited to our range of gift boxes.

College Green gift sets include a box of four palm oil free natural soaps; natural soap & bath soak; wax warmer & melts or a luxury facial gift box with a natural soap, gua sha massager, konjac sponge and botanical facial steam.

College Green wax melt gift box with selection of wax melts

Please note: the scarves we use are often vintage, and many are pre loved. Therefore they may have some minor imperfections. This won't prevent them being used as scarves, or re-used as furoshiki wrapping.

I'll have a selection to choose from at my next Stroud Farmers' Market stall which is on Saturday 22 October.

If you buy online you'll find the scarf wrapping under `Accessories'. It's not possible to choose the design online as each is unique (but all are gorgeous!) though if you want a particular colour, please get in touch and I'll do my best.

Rachael x