These are the Christmas markets where you'll find us

Christmas is our busiest time of year - when we're not wrapping mountains of soaps, we're out and about at some of the loveliest Christmas markets stocking up on seasonal cheer.

We've booked a few of our favourite events again this year, and added a new one so here's where we'll be:

At each market we'll have:

  • Beautifully wrapped handmade natural soaps (including the festive Orange, Cinnamon & Pine)
  • Gorgeously package free handmade natural soaps
  • Snowflake shaped soaps
  • Gift boxes 
  • Aromatherapy bath soaks
  • Guest soaps - perfect for guest bathrooms or to take away with you
  • Sunflower shaped soaps (we donate £1 from each one sold to Sunflowers Suicide Support charity)
  • FREE tiny soaps for small people who visit our stall

Do come by and say hello! We love to talk about soap, soap making, the therapeutic effect of essential oils, how you can't beat a good soak in the bath and Christmas - our favourite time of the year.

And to everyone who buys one of our soaps or soaks - thank you for supporting a small business, we really appreciate every single sale :-)