The perfect photo opportunity

What a stroke of luck: I'm always on the lookout for a photo opportunity, and as I glanced over at the windowsill the sun hit it at just the right moment.

I was burning a College Green Lemongrass & Ginger wax melt in a large ceramic warmer, and its bright & uplifting scent lingered far longer than the sun did that day. ⠀

Wax melts are an alternative to candles: a scented wax disc is placed in the dish on top of the warmer, then a tea light is lit underneath: the warmth from the candle melts the wax, which releases the scent. 

Lots of people prefer wax melts to candles. One reason is that as the wax never disappears like it does with a candle - the scent just gradually fades, so a melt tends to last much longer than a candle. The tea light can be blown out when the optimum scent is reached, then re-lit when it faces - or simply left to burn safely to the end.

And some College Green wax melts have dried flowers added, which are released from the wax as it melts, leaving them to float delicately in the warm wax.