Pick up a free-of-charge breathwork card and rainbow facial steam at Saturday's Stroud Farmers' Market

Visit my monthly Stroud Farmers' Market stall this Saturday, 24 June and pick up two free gifts -  no purchase necessary!

The Zen breath counting cards I gave away at last month's market proved so popular with visitors that I've printed more for this month's stall. 

Zen breath counting is a simple yet powerful way to calm the nervous system and bring about a feeling of deep calm and peace.

It's an easy technique to master, can be done anywhere, any time, and is especially relaxing when combined with a College Green facial steam.

I give away mini samples of floral facial steams at the market too, so when I discovered Stroud Pride festival was taking place on the same day I thought it would be fun to create a new Pride themed rainbow facial steam. 

Treating yourself to a facial steam is the ultimate self care experience & the perfect opportunity to pause, rest and reset. You'll receive a deep facial cleanse with the therapeutic benefits of pure aromatherapy oils to sooth your emotions and help you unwind.

The College Green rainbow facial steam includes a colourful mix of dried petals and fruit including rose, lavender, calendula, hibiscus and lemon. It's infused with a custom blend of essential oils, each of which has therapeutic properties: calming lavender to relax, reduce anxiety and promote restful sleep; uplifting palmarosa to bring positivity and balance to emotions and cheerful sweet orange oil to bring positivity and promote creativity.

College Green is at Stroud Farmers' Market on the fourth Saturday of every month with a range of natural handmade soaps, aromatherapy bath soaks, facial steams, scented reed diffusers and a range of gift boxes.

The market runs from 9am - 2pm, just off the High Street (follow the crowds).

If you can't make it to Stroud on Saturday (or if stocks run out), you can find everything on the College Green website, including how to use a facial steam here and Zen breath counting instructions here.

a woman with a towel over her head. She is using a facial steam, although that is not in the picture. Text reads steam