Our new candle containers are an autumnal shade of amber

After a laid back summer of beach holidays, swinging in the garden hammock and relaxing there hasn't been much soap or candle making going on at College Green. It was a much needed recharging of batteries as there won't be much time to relax now until the new year.

 And during the down time, I finally decided to make the switch from tins to amber jars for our container candles.

Although aluminium has great eco credentials as it can be endlessly recycled without degrading, there's no getting away from the ambiance created by the cosy glow of a candle in a glass container, and that's just not possible in a tin. 

And in an Instagram Story poll we ran in summer, by far the majority of people voted that they preferred the amber jar candles.

Glass can also be endlessly recycled without degrading, and the jars are easier to clean and reuse (and therefore probably more likely to be) than tins. 

The main drawback is that glass is heavier when we send it the post, so to offset that we'll offer a discount to any customer who returns a glass jar when they buy in person from us.

We'll have our new amber glass candles at Stroud Farmers' Market this Saturday 23 October.