Next Stroud Farmers' Market: Saturday 24 September

I'll be at my regular fourth-Saturday-of-the-month stall on Saturday 24 September at one of the biggest, best and most awarded farmers' markets in the country: Stroud. Luckily it's in my home town!

You’ll find:

  • handmade College Green natural soaps - available wrapped in gorgeous Cambridge Imprint paper, or in a soap stack tied to a wooden soap dish, 
  • aromatherapy bath soaks - two sizes, in classic amber glass jars,
  • botanical facial steams - filled with a mixture of dried flowers, herbs and essential oils,
  • soy wax scented candles - autumnal scents will bring a cosy glow and warming scent to your home
  • a range of College Green gift boxes, packed with self care goodies

Stroud Farmers' Market is open from 9am - 2pm. It has been featured in numerous publications including the Sunday Telegraph, The Observer, The Independent, The Guardian Weekend, The Times, Cotswold Life and the Country Living Guide to Farmers’ Markets.

You'll find it in the centre of Stroud - my stall is in Cornhill, and it extends out around the surrounding streets too. If you're arriving by car, head to the Stroud District Council Cheapside car park, which always has spaces (and is cheaper than the parking charges in many other towns!)

Then there will only be two more farmers' markets this year:

  • 26 November
  • 24 December

I'm in the process of booking some Christmas fairs for November and December - I don't do many, but confirmed so far:

I'm also hoping to book Painswick Goodwill, Saxon Barn Christmas Fair and Randwick Church Christmas Fair (watch this space).

Many thanks to Patsy Gamble for allowing me to use her gorgeous illustration of Stroud Farmers' Market.

Rachael x