The simplest new year's resolution of all

Happy New Year!

New year’s resolution anyone?

We have just one.

It’s so simple, yet will have a huge impact: we’ll be making our lives a little bit greener.

We’re not talking drastic, ‘throw everything out of the cupboards and start again’ life changes, because lets face it, those are the resolutions that usually fall at the first hurdle – leaving you with nothing to eat/wear/do.

Instead we’ll be making tiny steps – a small change here or there to make our lives healthier and therefore happier.

Here at College Green we’ve been slowly turning ‘greener’ over the last few years, and because we we’ve been making gradual changes, they’ve generally stuck:

  • We now use ‘green’ brands of washing up liquid and loo cleaner.
  • We make a delicious (yes really!) green smoothie for breakfast every morning.
  • And we spend hours researching why we should, and how we can, ditch many of the potentially harmful chemicals in our lives, and still be clean/financially solvent/socially acceptable.

We’re not experts, and we’re certainly not perfect, but we’ll be spending 2018 making more of our own products from scratch, buying greener alternatives when we don’t have the time or energy to do-it-ourselves, and having a blast along the way.

So why not join us? We’ll be publishing hints and tips, recipes and ideas throughout 2018 (which technically is two resolutions. But we didn’t say we could count).

Happy new year!