Hurrah for summer rain!

Like most market stall holders, I take more than a keen interest on the weather. Especially as I have only one market stall each month. I make a silent cheer when it's fine, do an (almost) visible dance when it's sunny, and when it rains... well, being part of one of the UK's best and busiest farmers' markets means that rain doesn't affect the market too much. 

Farmers market customers tend to be either regulars - in which case they are either coming to the market to stock up on specific items so will be there regardless of the weather, or visitors - in which case they will come to the market regardless of the weather because it's on their list of 'must visit' destinations. 

At Stroud we welcome visitors from across the world - yesterday there was a family from Philadelphia who were staying in Minchinhampton. I always recommend the brilliant The Kitchen to visitors to Mich where you'll enjoy incredible food, not to mention amazing service from the legendary Assumpta. (The US family had enjoyed a pre-market breakfast there; another family of UK visitors were disappointed to have missed out as it was fully booked - so always book!)

So as it rained pretty much all day at yesterday's market (Saturday 22 June) it was still fairly busy. And it gave me the opportunity to take photos of some fabulously colourful umbrellas which I made into an Instagram Reel.

A colourful umbrella at Stroud farmers market

Soaps continue to be popular with people loving the fact that I use Cotswold spring water that I collect from the village churchyard. They make a lovely locally made gift that's easily transportable (with the added benefit of making your luggage smell nice). And gift boxes were popular also (happy birthday if you receive one!)

Good luck to everyone who signed up to receive the monthly College Green email newsletter - every one who's a subscriber by the end of July will be in with the chance of winning a College Green Sleep Easy gift set - you can find the `sign up' at the bottom of the home page.

a College Green Sleep Easy gift set showing a Lavender and Patchouli soap and a Lavender and Valerian bath soak

My next Stroud Farmers' Market will be on Saturday 26 August when it's bound to be a beautiful, dry, sunny summer's day. Isn't it?!