Have you joined the College Green global tour?

Did you know that College Green products are sent all over the world?

I see lots of oversees visitors at my monthly stall at Stroud Farmers' Market and gift fairs who tell me they are buying a locally made gift to take home with them. 

This week a local customer popped in with her daughter, who stocked up on soaps to take to her home in New Zealand, and another customer regularly takes wax melts to Brazil for her daughter-in-law who is a big fan.

Buying gifts at farmers' markets is a brilliant way to take a unique memento of your holiday home with you. 

It seems that more people are moving towards buying sustainable gifts that will be enjoyed and, importantly used by the recipient - the days of gifted ornaments sitting in the back of cupboards are thankfully behind us!

College Green soaps are particularly popular as travel gifts, as they are small, weigh only around 100g each and are ready-gift wrapped in beautiful artisan paper. I use wrapping by traditional British print makers Cambridge Imprinta small paper-making business in Cambridge that designs and prints patterned papers.

For those who prefer a bath soak, College Green bath soaks have the option of being packaged in a waxed paper pouch which makes them much lighter (and is also useful when sending through the post in the UK).

All College Green packaging is all plastic free and recyclable so you know you'll be giving a sustainable gifts wherever you land. In fact I'm the proud owner of a Surfers Against Sewage Plastic Free Champion award, thanks to Stroud community low carbon organisation, Transition Stroud.

College Green Surfers Against Sewage Plastic Free Champion award

From what people tell me I'm pretty sure that College Green soaps, bath soaks, candles and wax melts have made it to every continent. 

If you've taken a College Green gift overseas (or have received one), I'd love to know where it went!

Rachael x

PS My next Stroud Farmers' Market is on Saturday 22 October where there will be lots of gorgeous gifts, including easily transportable soaps.