COMING SOON! Exfoliating Gardener's Soap

We've been busy making a new soap for our range, this time a gardener's soap, so our curing room is now filled with the refreshing scent of peppermint and rosemary essential oils.

We've added coffee grounds to exfoliate ground-in dirt from hard-working hands, and green clay for a gentle cleansing boost. Here's our coffee grounds, drying out in the sun:

Our combination of natural oils and butters, including moisturising shea butter will create a rich, creamy lather and help to soften your hands after a hard day's work in the garden especially if, like us, you don't wear gloves!

We've sourced some lovely cotton fabrics to wrap the soaps in, which are ideal for re-purposing once you've unwrapped your soaps. We think they'd be fabulous as jam jar covers!

All College Green soaps cure for a minimum of 4 weeks, so our gardener's soap will be available from mid-June.