Cheltenham people love their dogs!

People in Cheltenham really love their dogs!

We know this because our natural dog soap was the best selling product at our market Cheltenham's Montpellier Day Fair on Sunday.

It seemed as though every visitor to the stall either had a dog in tow, or were buying for their four legged friends back at home.

And when we went in search of a coffee, we found Archies of Cheltenham, a cute and very chic dog-friendly cafe, that sells dog treats for canine visitors to enjoy while lounging on their dog beds.   

I created our natural dog soap for the occasions when our 3 lively spaniels roll in something very smelly. I'd bought a bottle of dog shampoo from the vets, but it had such a strong chemical smell when I opened the lid that it made me recoil. 

Why on earth would I put that on my beloved pets?

It has kaolin clay to sooth sensitive dog skin. My sister in law has two Westies, a breed that is notorious for suffering with skin allergies, so Max and Snowy tested our early samples, declaring them a success. 

The essential oils have natural flea and tick repelling properties, along with calming sweet orange oil to help nervous bathers.

How to use College Green natural soap for dogs

'Whatever works best for you' is our advice. Some people put their dogs in the bath, others hose them down in the garden. Take account of their size, temperament and 

Make sure you thoroughly wet your entire dogs coat (or just the area you're washing) and rub all over with the soap. It doesn't contain any lathering ingredients, so it won't create huge lathery bubbles. Massage the soap in, and when you're done make sure you rinse every last bit off. 

Leave your soap on a slatted soap dish (like one of these) to dry, then store ready for the next time. One bar will last for dozens of washes.


We'd love to see photos of your College-Green-Clean dogs - send them to us and we'll post then on our Facebook and Twitter walls of fame!

Here are Bert & Ernie looking very handsome after their first College Green bath.